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Know what NEEDS to be on a product label?

Find out with a food label analysis.

$125.00 AUD

What is a Label Audit? 

A Label Audit is an analysis of your every element on your label.

It’s a breakdown with a sales oriented perspective and can identify issues complying with the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand Code (FSANZ)​.

Before printing, are you absolutely sure you have what needs to be on a product label? Getting a professional opinion to help you tweak any issues can save you thousands.


A Food Label Analysis will give you​:

A Label Overview:
outlines your label strengths and weaknesses and I make suggestions for improvement.

A Design Analysis:
will guide you towards labels that are ‘designed to sell’ with a laser sharp focus on your target markets pain points.

A Technical Review:
to help you avoid information regarded as misleading or deceptive by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Discover whether your label is a sales oriented design with regulation compliant content and formatting.

Feedback without the fluff.


You’re not alone

When you purchase a Label Audit you can join my private Facebook group Label Lovers.
Here you’ll get unlimited support. In the group you can converse with me directly. You’ll find other people, just like you, who are launching products.

And yes, you can ask as many questions as you like!



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