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Case Study for Proteco Oils Purely Nutz

Located in Australia’s peanut region, Kingaroy, South East Queensland peanut butter processing was a natural fit for Proteco Oils.

Now exporting to China and throughout Asia Pacific Proteco Oils has grown with the help of Evolve Brand Design.
We assisted in the brand name, brand and packaging design and magazine advertising.

Proteco Oils has manufactured quality oils for the health food, pharmacy, cosmetic and food manufacturing sectors since 1986. They had been manufacturing traditional peanut butters, Smooth and Crunchy, under the Pressed Purity oils brand for a number of years.


In 2017 a decision to expand the range and develop a brand image solely for peanut butters was made. Additional flavours such as dark chocolate, honey infused, coconut and smokey chilli were added to the range in a smaller 280g jar.

As the existing peanut butters were branded under Pressed Purity, the brief requested some synergy for the name. Evolve Brand Design proposed a range of names and Purely Nutz was chosen to lead the peanut butter rebrand.

The¬†Purely¬†Nutz unique selling point is¬†truely¬†natural traditional and contemporary flavoured peanut butters. Free of additives such as sugar, salt, fats or¬†emulsifiers.¬†The¬†Purely¬†Nutz peanut butter concept had to communicate the ‚Äėpure and natural‚Äô aspect of the product concept.

The brand design needed to allow for the potential development of additional spreads such as Macadamia or Almond in the future.

Purely Nutz would be on the shelf next to competitors with the market share. Sitting beside brands such as Kraft and Sanitarium, both with a generic brand image. Proteco Oils requested their products stand out and be quickly identified by the target audience. Two smaller but important competitors, Pics & Ridiculously Delicious also needed to be considered.  Driven by a focus on healthy choices for their family, the target audience was mostly be females. While the purchasing power comes from this primary target audience the secondary audience is much wider. These spreads appeal to all age groups, but the actual consumer was to be mostly aged 3 Р25 years old. The designs needed to have a universal appeal for a broad ranger of people .

The concept behind the brand design reflects the fun and delicious aspect of the product name. The product is after all, pure crushed peanuts blended with natural flavours. The execution of the design has the edginess of graffiti art.

The concept for the labels design capture the key unique selling point through the language. The packaging has been designed to have a conversation with consumers. Purely Nutz has a lot of good product benefits to talk about.  Communication of the product concept became the foundation of the design. Indeed the product image does stand out from the competitors and talk to the target audience.

The fun colloquial approach transferred nicely into a range of magzine advertisements too.

It is not very often such a leap into a progressive design concept is embraced. It was an enlightening experience to work on launching Purely Nutz for Proteco Oils.

The success of the Pressed Purity brand is attributed to the innovative team at Proteco Oils. To hear more about how Josh Gadischke, owner, has grown the business from a small to large manufacturer have a read of my interview with him.



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