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Case Study for Pressed Purity Flagship Brand of Proteco Oils

Proteco Oils has manufactured quality oils for the health food, pharmacy, cosmetic and food manufacturing sectors since 1986.

This iconic Queensland company is situated close to many nut, fruit and seed crops. The fortunate location provides ready access to fresh Australian produce. Pressed Purity are a well positioned high volume commodity range of Australian oils.

Across the past 10 years Evolve Brand Design have been responsible for bringing a range of retail brands to life for the Proteco Oils. These brands are Pressed Purity, Purely Nutz and Oliver’s Reserve. Pressed Purity is the flagship brand for the company. Evolve Brand Design assisted with developing the strategic position. In particular, the brand name and design, packaging design, marketing materials and vehicle signage.


Pressed Purity are a range of cold pressed oils ideal for cooking. The high quality oils are extracted from nuts, fruit and seeds. They are flavoursome and are naturally chemical and preservative free. Pressed Purity are one of the few oils on mainstream supermarket shelves which is 100% Australian. They offer a wider range variants than any other oil manufacturer in Australia.

Proteco Oils state of the art refinery in Kingaroy, South East Queensland is uniquely equipped. With highly specialized equipment for complete oil processing on a large scale. Now, exporting into China and throughout Asia Pacific, this family owned company has grown with the help of Evolve Brand Design.

Competitors are long established brands like Cobram, Red Island, Melrose and Brookfarm  in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Mostly females, 25-60+ years, with a contemporary cooking attitude. These consumers are health conscious, seeking natural and chemical free options for themselves and their family. The secondary target audience are men and women of all ages. This group consider themselves to be gourmet home chefs and are open to new tastes.

Communication of the product concept was critical with the initial brand name development. Evolve Brand Design presented a range of concepts and the brand name ‘Pressed Purity’ was chosen. This concept was the winner as it implied the chemical free processing of the raw crops into edible oils. Likewise, the design for the brand is an analogy for pressing the oil from the fruit, nut or seeds using a vice. The Pressed Purity distinctive edge is threefold. Chemical free, 100% natural ingredients and genuinely Australian. Export opportunities have risen due to the third, very important, unique selling point (USP).  In addition, they have a wide range of flavours with applications tailored to a range of food preparation methods. From flavourful salad dressing oils to baking and high heat applications like stir-frying and barbeques, Pressed Purity has a solution.

While communicating the three USP’s, the packaging has been designed to express the delicious flavour variants. Featuring realistic illustrations and colour coding the range is abundant with appeal.

In the first phase, we started with the brand name and design for Pressed Purity. We then designed the main oils range for the Australian market.

The second phase involved a redesigned for the Pressed Purity labels to launch into the Chinese market.

In the third phase Evolve Brand Design redesigned the Lifestyle Oils (previously an extension of the main range), with a contemporary design focussed on how to consume the oils. As well we updated the main label range with the new Australian Country Of Original Labelling laws.

The success of the Pressed Purity brand is attributed to the innovative team at Proteco Oils.

To hear more about how Josh Gadischke, owner, has grown the business from a small to large manufacturer have a read of my interview with him.



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