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Brand Strategy Course

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Hands On Brand Strategy Mini Series

This Brand Strategy Course is made up of four practical modules of value-loaded video tutorials. Watch them, then open each worksheet and do the task. At the end, you can book in for a 30 minute personalised 1:1 session for help and extra training. When you join you’ll get instant access to the entire course, there’s a bunch of bonuses and an invite to the private Facebook group.

Easy, huh?

Strategy-led branding for is the way forward if you’re a food & beverage manufacturer. If you’re ready to take on the mini Brand Strategy Course and stop faffing around the brand boondocks you’ll uncover your brands secret weapon.

I’m not going to lie to you. You may need to face some hard truths, dig deep and fess up to skimming over building a strategy in the past. How?

Well, the Brand Strategy Course will:

» Identify your brands most lucrative market placement position
» Uncover a simple way to connect with your potential consumers
» Create a clever way to capture consumers attention
» Nurture your target audiences big concerns
» Brilliant brand name generation formula
» Develop an authentic brand voice, unique style and colour palette

Be confident you’ll no longer be winging it in the brand wilderness.

Sound like a plan? Let’s get started!


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• 5 x jam packed video tutorials that will lead you one step at a time out of the brand jungle
• EPIC step-by-step worksheets (complete with loads of 'pro tips’)
• 5 x Types of product packaging claims made crystal clear + what FSANZ expects
• Mentoring and support from me, including a 1:1 private tuition session
• An exclusive VIP offer with an inventory of everything your brand needs to relaunch
+ more to help you streamline your way to being a brand beast genius!


+ Branding Basics Poster, Brand Building Map and ideal front of pack lineup
+ Invaluable resource guides for barcodes, label printing and lingo and useful tools!
+ Private VIP Facebook group of like minded souls tackling brand strategy and packaging dilemmas.


A brand manager or business owner, ready access your customers in an authentic way?
Seeking brand stand out on shelf, online and against your competition?A genius at making or marketing, but can’t strategise a crayon away from a three year old?
Bored to tears wading through all the conflicting advice online and just want to learn from a pro that gets you, your unique situation and the struggles that you face everyday?
A brand manager or business owner wondering what the heck you’ll post this week, month or year?
Sick of paying a marketing manager and want to learn do it yourself instead? (this is a good place to start)
Longing for the kind of brand that people remember - and talk about?

If you answered, “Yes”, “That’s me” or “HECK YEP” to any of the above, or you just can’t face another year of floundering, you’re going to LOVE the Hands On Brand Strategy Mini Course.

Don’t worry you can get unlimited help in the Label Lovers Facebook group.


PURCHASE TERMS: Course is not refundable under any circumstances.

1 review for Brand Strategy Course

  1. Manjay Ray

    Doing Renee’s Brand Strategy Course has opened my mind to what was missing in my brand. I’m so glad it I did it. Totally loved the videos and the worksheets are easy to follow. This is a ‘must-do’ before you even think of having your packaging designed!

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