Make a big impact with our 5 fabulous product packaging design tips…

Buy me! Buy me! Buy me! Eye catching product packaging can help small brands compete against larger brands.

A products’ packaging is your ‘silent salesman’ and should be one big call to action. Our product packaging design tips will show you how to stand out on shelf and online!


In Good Form ~ Product Packaging Design Tip #1

Delivering your product to the consumer or retailer in one piece is the first consideration. The form and function of your product packaging design is primary. Consider the transport method, weight costs, merchandising display, branding and opportunities for benefit communication. All these aspects are crucial to product sales.

Here’s a great example of creative yet functional packaging, three key factors influenced the structural packaging design:
1. A window was required for the product to be touched prior to purchase
2. The box can be displayed standing or on a hanging merchandising system
3. Box was designed with a light weight, recylced card which supports the brand values.



Be clear ~ Product Packaging Design Tip #2

Never underestimated how easy it is to confuse a consumer. Helping the consumer to understand what your product offers at a glance, may be the single most important goal of your product packaging design.

Sometimes this is best achieved with a window or transparent area so the consumer can see the actual product. Alternatively, focus your communication on the unique selling point and a couple of product benefits. Once you can define exactly what the customer WANTS from your product make sure the design communicates this clearly.



The Extra Mile ~ Product Packaging Design Tip #3

A product with a social consicous will always be more attractive to consumers. Most people love to feel like they can give to the community and are happy to do so if they don’t need to make much effort. Find a way to align your business with a cause  display and the logo proudly.

Likewise, if you have secured an accolade or award – show it off! These create a little bit of reassurance for consumers. Whether it is the highly prized ‘Australian Certified Organic’ endorsement, the ‘Fine Food Award’ or simply just a claim that is valuable to consumers like ‘Chemical & Preservative Free’.



Be Enticing ~ Product Packaging Design Tip #4

Beautiful packaging is lovely but it does NOT mean sales will increase. Consumers are more likely to purchase the product if it fulfils their needs. Think about what is important to the consumer. Very often product sales will benefit from offering a serving suggestion or displaying flavours – the imagery needs to ENTICE the potential consumer.

Quality photography or illustrations are crucial to a good first impression. Never use amatuer images. If you cannot afford professional photography there are plenty of stock libraries to purchase images from at a low cost. If you have an unusual ingredient then a professional photoshoot may be more valuable than the cost of the shoot, especially if that ingredient is the unique selling point. Unique ingredients are not readily available from photo libraries.

With the cheese slices from The Real Cheese Co. below, we chose to show the customer the product in a familiar situation – simple, clear and very tasty photography. Whilst, the Pressed Purity oils offer many delicious flavours so we chose to purchase quality photo realistic illustrations.



You can keep it simple, as we did, in the case of GF Oats with obvious photography that is dressed up with a little garnish.



Stage the costs ~ Product Packaging Design Tip #5

Do you have the kind of package that is very expensive to print on? Like a pouch, steel canister or custom box? If you are you finding the cost is too prohibitive, you have 2 options.

1. Try printing directly onto the substrate, overseas in a country like China. The main issue you will strike is the requirement to order a large quantity. Nevertheless this is an option, call me if you need a print contact.

2. Print labels first and plan for more expensive packaging in the future. A well designed label can save you thousands. It can also give you a trial run to really nail what works for your product. Need a quote for label printing? We do that too.


Alternative options….

Compromise, wise decisions and investing appropriately in packaging and product marketing in general, may require you to think outside the box. If you are on a tight budget, the skills and knowledge that come with professionally designed product packaging may be out of reach. You might be very creative or have a good eye for design but not know what your legal obligations are. If this is you, then you may find you can design your own labels if you have a bit of a guide. Have a look at our label templates. Save thousands and feel confident knowing your labels will be compliant with regulatory guidelines.

All these designs were made from just one template. Adjust the design to suit any product. Each template collection comes with 4 legally compliant layout formats and sizes, plus they are easy to edit for ANY product.



When product packaging and label design is be one big call to action it will literally call out to consumers ‘buy me’! Standing out on shelf or online can help small brands compete against established brands.

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