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Our basic custom label templates offer regulation compliant layouts. Adjust to suit ANY product.

How it works…

Step 1: Choose your label size

The custom label template you choose first needs to fit your product. Measure up, choose from one of the four sizes we offer:
Label 1: 140 x 80mm (wrap label)
Label 2: 190 x 58mm (wrap label)
Label 3: 170 x 30mm (wrap label)
Label 4. 40 x 90mm (this one comes with a front and back label)

Download the files. You can even change the size if you want! Before you do you may like to check with us for economical print sizes.

Step 2: Get Ready, Get Set…

Before you start designing there are two things you need to do:

1. Collect all your information. Yes this is the boring (but necessary) part! You will need all the info for your label. Type it up ready to go. See BONUS pack below for help with this.

2. You can easily customise label templates with the FREE TRIAL for Adobe CC Illustrator and Typekit. Once that’s done, you have 30 days to design till your hearts content!

Step 3: Open Template & Start Designing

Our basic custom label templates are provided as ‘print ready artwork’ with all the label compliant layout ready to go. This means all you need to do is click and type in the back label using Adobe Illustrator.

The front label design is up to you. You may choose to use one of the images provided for each template or you may like to design your own front label. You can paste an existing brand/logo design into the template or create a new one. You can change the background, alter text and paste other elements into the template to customise the design to suit your product.

Adobe offers great tutorials to show you how to add or edit text, graphics, photo’s and illustrations.

The back label design is all set up for you to alter to suit your product. Our templates are created to be a guideline so your labels are compliant with your relevant industry regulations.

You can easily customise any of the brand & label design templates with the free trial for Adobe CC Illustrator and Typekit.


Our custom label templates are set up to adhere to the legal labelling requirements for Australia and NZ (adjustable for other countries) including minimum text sizes, full nutritional information panel and barcode placement at the correct size. The layout can be applied to alcohol, beauty, skincare and other grocery products like cleaning and light hardware. 

Food and beverage labels need to adhere to the Food Standards Code label requirements. FSANZ Food Standards Australia New Zealand. FSANZ is a bi‐national government agency which develops and administers the Code. The code is enforced by state and territory and New Zealand agencies. The FSANZ user guide should be used in conjunction with other user guides developed for the labelling standards specific to your state or country. 

The layouts can also be a guide for pharmaceutical products, which will also need to comply with TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) regulations. You can view the Therapeutic Goods Order No. 92 – Standard for labels of non-prescription medicines here.

Each product category has different requirements so our templates make it easy for you to adjust to suit your product. 


– 2 sets of layouts (plain and with placed image)
– Print ready artwork with dieline, crop marks and bleed
– Centred, left side, right side and vertical label layouts 
– Circle layout perfect for lids and bags 
– Sample photo’s already placed in the files
– Correct size and positioned barcodes, symbols, nutritional panel and all other mandatory information.

BONUS Treasure Chest!!! 

Ensuring you have the correct technical information is vital. Our treasure chest will help you.

– FSNZ Overview Food Labelling Guide
– FSANZ Guide to Labelling of Alcohol Beverages
– Guide to Getting Your Claims Right (Nutrition, Health and Related Claims Standard)
– Queensland Health Buster Guide (all states, territories and countries have their own)
– Country Of Origin Labelling (CoOL) User Guide and adjustable symbols
– Health Star Rating (Australian healthy product symbol) master file so you can customise it
– GS1 Barcode Guidelines 

Need a little more explaination?

Print ready artworks are layered files with a diecut/keyline, crop marks and file bleeds (2mm) all ready for the printer to just, well… PRINT. If you don’t supply the printer with print ready files they still need to be created and will charge to produce them. Our custom label templates let you do it yourself  and can be used as a guide to getting it right. All you need to do is click and paste your own information. Easy peasy!



Make confident decisions about your labels with my Barcode Basics and Perfect Labels guides.

Sign up and you'll also receive 15% off my FSANZ compliant product label templates.

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Make confident decisions about your labels with my Perfect Labels guide.

Sign up and you'll also receive 15% off my FSANZ compliant product label templates.

Success! Your discount is on the way.

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