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How do you know if you have a positive brand image? Are your customers experiencing a ‘warm fuzzy’ when they think of your product or business? Or is your brand image suffering from a little neglect?

I bet the thought of actively and consistently promoting a positive brand image gets a little daunting. Between online and offline marketing endeavours – Facebook posts, tweets, pins, writing a blog, maintaining website SEO and of course keeping up with sales remember – brand awareness is at the core of your bottom line.

It is important to position your brand to succeed with a clear brand strategy and outstanding design. Once you have that covered then promoting brand awareness and harnessing public perception will become much easier and is vital to the lifeline of the business. A positive brand image is essential, not an after thought.

Here are some incentives to really nurture a relationship with those who love your brand and attract those who might fall in love with it:

Sweet safe monogamy
A well recognised and respected brand representation will more often than not see consumers returning for repeat purchase – a repeat purchasing pattern will be the absolute biggest influencer on your bottom line. To increase sales customers need to purchase regularly.

‘Spice it up’ swingers
Ok, so all consumers will try other products similar to yours at some time – unless you are selling Vegemite! The most likely time this will happen is when your product is not available so always be on top of your distributors. Too help insulate your brand from competitive forces – always ensure the shelves are stocked.

Ooohh soo in love
A positive brand image will increase customer loyalty and have your customers doing your marketing for you! This is a huge benefit to brands that really are embraced by consumers because it will decrease your promotional activity and expensive marketing outlays! So give your consumers a brand they will truely love.

Going for growth
A well regarded brand image also opens the door to product extensions. Your wonderful customers will be more open to your new products when they already feel connected to your main range or favourite flavour. Be sure to reward those A list customers.

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