An effective label design will grab the consumers attention then have them linger and absorb all the product is offering – you have 2-3 seconds.

Customers are influenced by a myriad of factors including the price, product size (or perceived size), weight, structural packaging (closures/resealing), packaging photography and much more, but today I want to focus on creating a label design that will influence the bottom line. This checklist is applicable for all packaging and stickers too!

When entering the retail environment the customer is likely to be in one of three states of mind: 1. on a mission, 2. just browsing or 3. in a another world entirely.  Before considering the label design start with:

  1. The design should position the product in the category where there is a gap
  2. Research the competitor products and implement lessons they have already learned can save a lot of money so examine all aspects of the competitions’ label design
  3. Identify triggers and really understand who is the primary target audience

The right label for a product can make a big impact on the sales when it appeals to the heart of your core consumer and speaks the language they can relate to. In addition a well designed label will have a flexible system that can be transferred to other packaging platforms, i.e. from a label to film, pouch or outer box. Well designed labels will function across a variety of marketing mediums and inspire promotional concepts for advertising, flyers and much more.

Label Design Checklist:

  1. The values of the brand need to be immediately understood
  2. Emotional impact is critical to connect with the consumer – what will the design theme be?
  3. Conveying the unique selling proposition is key to every sale
  4. Clearly highlight unique product benefits but don’t overload the label design with information
  5. An endorsement element can be a make or break for many consumers – consider whether it is Fair-trade Approved, Supporter of Planet Ark or Palm Oil Free ect.
  6. Consider how you will appeal to the senses of your consumer – taste is essential for consumables, scent is primary for beauty products
  7. Remember to utilise the brand story on the label design and in all forms of marketing
  8. If you have space provide a reason to visit your business Facebook page or website
  9. Technically not ‘label design’ but reusable, unique or unusual structural packaging can have a massive impact – think resealing, closures, recyclability.

EVERYTHING about the way the product is presented needs to fulfil the needs and desires of the core customer.

I hope you have picked up some little nuggets today and thank you for your time!

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