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Survival Of The Fittest FMCG Product Packaging


All your time, money and planning comes to fruition for FMCG packaging and labelling on the retailers shelf.

It happens when a person has that ‘oh what’s that?’ moment.

That split second when they SEE what the product packaging (your silent salesman) is ACTUALLY saying.

When it stands out on the shelf, they pick it up and choose to purchase.

That moment of attention can turn into years of purchasing your brand. YEARS.

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On average consumers spend 1.8 seconds scanning the shelf before making a choice. The product packaging is your last chance (and often the first) to capture the consumer.

The front facing of the packaging design needs to work really hard to get their attention AND deliver the EXACT information they need. Product packaging has the potential to be the “link” for a lifelong relationship with the customer. It’s all about association.

There is no doubt a loyal customer is very valuable indeed. That moment when a consumer purchases your product for the first time, could be the moment they become a loyal customer for life.

I can make that happen.

evolutionary not revolutionary

Well designed labels and packaging are your silent salesman and should be attracting consumers left right and centre!

Convincing product packaging stands out but doesn’t look odd or inauthentic. 

Often redesigning a product image for fast moving consumer goods requires innovation with evolutionary not revolutionary approach. Don’t worry I get this. Reinventing the wheel is not going to work every time.

Whether your brand is available in a big supermarket or a corner store the competition is fierce. A product that stands out with a genuine promise can grab consumers attention. A ‘new’ customer can become a ‘loyal’ customer and then the golden ticket… a ‘repeat’ customer for life.

Rest assured, I always design with a flexible system that inherently functions across a variety of platforms and formats.

Be bold not bland. 


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