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The impulse purchaser can be hugely impacted by effective packaging design. Have you made a purchased because of the promise the packaging has implied?


It is easy to be lured in the moment. Today we look at why this is. Why would a consumer purchase your product over the one they are already loyal to – or over the many other options on the shelf. How do you convert a customer to your brand. The truth is that whilst there are many influencing factors the impact of targeted effective packaging design is massive. If done well, this alone, can increase sales.


Lets start with the basics of packaging design:

  1. BE SEEN! Attract attention to your product – unseen is unsold so lure consumers in with everything your product offers
  2. BE UNDERSTOOD! Stick to the KISS principle here and keep it simple. The single most important aspect to communicate is the unique selling proposition. Try to keep it to 2-3 words.
  3. BE ENGAGING! Ok so, if your product is seen and also understood the next step is to encourage a purchase. Being compelling and creating a connection with the consumer is the essential ingredient.

Even if you have a unique product concept it will be very rare that your product is the only one consumers focus on. It will also be  very common for a consumer to compare like products or similar product benefits. The packaging should be solution focussed from the format to the style, it is key to consider every square centimetre and captilise on the ‘land’ value. This quick checklist will guide you through.


Packaging Design Checklist

  1. Decide on the structural packaging first, this article will be super helpful and get quotes for printing (labels, pouch, box, film – the cost can vary dramatically)
  2. Create a clear, confident and versatile brand design for your product image and packaging design
  3. Product Name is often overlooked and this is one of the largest elements on the pack so make your product name and description is memorable, easy to understand, legally correct and succinct
  4. Consumers seek the benefits of the product so ensure these are clear
  5. Engage the consumer by creating taste appeal through tempting photography, illustration or a window to the actual product
  6. Create design that aligns with the product positioning; there will be many considerations including the style/theme, colour palette, typography and these need to be inline with the foundations of your brand
  7. Consider the value of an endorsement, guarantee, product of origin and the health star rating for the front of the pack
  8. Is your packaging legally compliant? Ensure  you collect the mandatory information in advance: allergen, ingredients, country of origin claim, nutritional data, best before area size and barcodes for the designer. Plus the optional information: brand story, directions, product usage, serving suggestions.

Effective packaging design will have a flexible system that functions across a variety of platforms (bags, pouches, boxes, adhesives, tubes, bottles ect.) and formats – tall, landscape, square. It should also allow for business expansion with new product development. You may start out with adhesives and progress to fully printed film once established. Your product packaging is an investment that can increase sales. Shelf appeal can be an alluring hook whether a consumer is a loyal advocate or an impulse purchaser.

REMEMBER – product packaging design is your silent salesman. It should be turning heads, getting attention and increasing sales!

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