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The best ways to improve SEO is to start with a foundation that is friendly to the Google Gods and then follow the six steps below.

Gone are the days where ‘loading keywords’ into your website copy will help your SEO. Google is smart and actively goes against indexed sites that use this method.

Basically successful SEO is a combination of many activities. High ranking search engine optimisation is a complex beast but if you follow my 6 Best Ways To Improve SEO below you are well on your way.


6 Best Ways To Improve SEO 

1. An active website

A website that has constant activity is attractive to Google. It can be the kind of activity that you OR your audience create. You may add a new page or post a blog – with your SEO setup, or reply to a comment if a viewer has left you a comment. Your audience may just visit a page on your site (or the blog), click on a link in your blog, send you an email via the contact form, sign up to your database, share your product or blog article on social media. Creating opportunities to interact with your website will help improve its rankings.


2. Search Terms

Choosing search terms that your customers search for and your competitors are not using or ranking high for is vital. These search terms will become your very important ‘long tail keywords’ and are the foundation for increasing your search engine optimisation. So how do you choose? Well, you can purchase a program like SEMrush to help you. Or you can take a course like the excellent one run by Kate Toon called The Recipe For SEO Success. Ideally you will choose long tail keywords that are often searched. These keywords will become the backbone of all the SEO setup on your website. There is no science to this, it takes time and it is crucial you get this right.


3. Key Content Happiness

First, the most important piece of information when copywriting for successful SEO is to write unique copy that is relevant to each page topic. Always, always, always write new copy – never use duplicate content, this means: don’t cut and paste a piece of text from anywhere else on your site, url’s, headings or in your meta descriptions.

Second, dwell time is reeeeaallllly important to Google. Make sure whatever your write makes people read it – so they ‘dwell’ longer on the page.

Third, use the longtail keyword phrase in your url, heading 1, first paragraph and sparodically (but not heavily) throughout your content.

Also, avoid using a passive voice. A passive voice happens when the noun or noun phrase that would be the object of an sentence appears as the subject of a sentence, for example: a passive voice is: “All our products are checked by a manager”. Whilst an active voice is: “A manager checks all our products.”


4. Impactful Images

Before adding an image to your website you need to give it a meaningful name – never name images like this: ‘image004.jpg’ it should include your longtail keyword for that page and a description of the contents. Then upload it to your ‘Media Library’ at the right size. If it’s too large (over 1200 pixels) I suggest running it through a program like Jpeg Mini or WP Smush to reduce the size. Don’t upload the image at large size then change it in the media library (in Attachment Display Settings) – this will not help your SEO at all. Once the image is loaded at the optimum size fill in the meta title and  alt text with your include your longtail keywords. Then fill in a description of the image contents. Be sure to write all these in ‘lower-case-with-hyphen-like-this’. Filling in this info helps with your SEO.

Never upload a video directly on to your site. First upload it to You Tube then embed it into your site.


5. Super Smooth SEO

Installing an SEO plugin like Yoast or All In One SEO is a great place to start but it also needs to be configured correctly for your website needs and not all websites are looking for the same outcome. Ensure you use your long tail keywords and write an SEO friendly title tag (aim for 70 characters) and meta description (aim for 150-200 characters) that lures your ideal customers. Yoast can also automatically create an XML sitemap which helps the Google Gods find every single page on your site.


6. Connecting With The Google Gods

In order to setup a Google Search Console you will need a Google business account. This is a free online business listing (a bit like what the Yellow Pages used to do with the Business White Pages, it’s a free list). This is a great feature that will offer your business a ‘double hit’ when the user searches online for your business name. Yay! The only hitch is that they want to know YOU are the business owner and therefore you need to set it up. Don’t worry its super easy. Google just wants your basic info and then they will send you a verification code via phone or post. Pop in your verification code and you are done. This is the link to Google My Business (for the free list), follow the prompts and let me know when you are done:


Each one of the tasks above will contribute to improving your SEO. However, within each of these tasks there are a lot of other components. Performing just one of these six SEO improvement tips will not make a lot of impact. A comprehensive approach to SEO is the only path to follow – the good news is that it is not technical so anyone can do it.


If you are struggling to implement the 6 Best Ways to Improve SEO then you may like to have us take a look at your website. All my websites are built with an SEO foundation and include a Step-by-step Guide to help you maintain, add text, images and products. Plus it ensures you learn more about search engine optimisation. My prices inclusions are all here.



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