Your Barcode Basics Guide

You Don’t Need To Play Barcode Bingo.

People ask me about barcodes a lot

How much are they?
Why is there a big difference in prices?
Which is the best company to buy from?
Do I need GS1 barcodes?
Do you know the barcode minimum size?
What do the numbers mean?
Does it need a white background?


The avalanche of questions I get, tells me people need a little clarification around buying barcodes.
So I created my (rather splendid) short and easy-to-read Barcode Basics guide. 

Printing a barcode that’s wrong means the producer is liable for the cost of reprinting labels or packaging and resupplying all products. Getting it right the first time is easy when you understand your options, the rules and costs involved​.

You’ll Get​:

• all the in’s and out’s of barcodes without the biased sales pitch

• answers to all the questions above and more

• real examples of barcodes that don’t scan and explain why.

Don’t get bamboozled by barcodes.
Get my Barcode Basics Guide.




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