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Competition for has never been greater. With Amazon’s arrival, Alibaba, e-bay, local market explosion, is it any wonder savvy brand owners are seeking ways for retail brands to increase sales?

We take a closer look at what is already at your finger tips. Five easy ways to increase sales:

1. Connect with the consumer

Consumers are people with opinions, preferences, memories and personalities. By promoting a brand culture that speaks to the heart of your core consumers you will create: brand loyalty + brand advocates = consumers who love your brand. Speak the language of your consumer through:
– a unique brand story
– product value: the real benefits to the core consumer?
– a design style that your target audience will connect with.

2. Packaging which has a ‘giftable’ feeling increases sales

Instead of the consumer only buying for themselves remember they also purchase for loved ones. There are many occasions for which a gift is required and a consumable gift often is more welcome than an object – broaden your market with strategic packaging designed ensure your packaging has a giftable feeling.

3. The Gold

Customers who have already made a purchase are gold. The most important part of the purchase is the repeat purchase. Wherever possible seek out ways to reconnect with each new and potential loyal customer. Ensure it is a natural extension of your customer relationship like a simple email thank you or happy birthday, a ‘did you like your xyz?’,  perhaps a loyalty card or 10% off your next online purchase. Follow through.

4. Build the brand from the ground up

Attend the best 3 or 4 local markets/festival/trade shows to get product feedback and make some cash. There is no need make this a weekly trek but choose the event with the best turnout, most relevant to your target audience and keep it simple. There are market stalls that people never stop at and some that have a steady stream of interest, the latter ones:
–  offer free small tastings
–  have plenty of product for sale (below the retail price)
–  run a competition to collect interested potential customer details for a database
–  1 week after the event follow up with a 10% off voucher for direct website purchases.

5. Social media is not free

Utilising social media for creating business opportunities and contacts is actually easy (but very time consuming) when you talk about the field you are an expert in AND follow a plan – much like many other aspects of life. A social media strategy is essential to keeping up – be sure it includes some Facebook advertising. We will talk more about this in an upcoming post.

These are simple tips to guide you in the right direction. If you found value in this article you may also be interested in Employing a designer.



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